Kitano Multi-Purpose Chairs

April 5th 2018

Area International introduces Kitano Multi-Purpose Chairs 


Kitano Multi-Purpose Chairs are now being offered by Area International.  The Kitano chairs come with a four leg base and a Beech plywood shell.  In addition an Oak Shell with various stain finishes is available for an up-charge.  Upholstered options for the Kitano chairs include fabric, vinyl and leather.  The graded in options offered by Area International are Camira, DESIGNTEX, Maharam, Ultrafabrics and Gruppo Mastrotto.   

The Kitano chairs come with glides and have the ability to stack four high.  The wrap around back provides added comfort and makes the chair an ideal fit within Hospitality or the Work Place.


Kitano Multi-Purpose Chairs Pricing


Available in wood from  $771.00 (List)

Upholstered from group 1 $ 925.00 (List)


For inquiries on the Kitano Multi-Purpose chairs contact :

Harry J. Psilopoulos (847)-217-5457 /


Robin Day 675 Armchair

April 4th 2018

Area International introduces Robin Day 675 Armchair


The Robin Day 675 Armchair is now being offered by Area International in North America.  The 675 Armchair is the authentic licensed production of the original 1952 design.  It is endorsed by the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation.

The most prominent feature of the Robin Day 675 Armchair is its curved walnut or oak veneered plywood back. Pioneering at the time, Robin Day overcame the difficulty of forming a single moulded plywood chair with armrests by creating a bent shape using a singular curve rather than a double curve.

In close collaboration with the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, Case has revised the dimensions of the chair. The 2014 version is slightly smaller and more compact – as it was originally designed to be.

The 675 Armchair is finished with a walnut or oak veneered ply back, powder-coated steel frame and black leather upholstered seat pad. In the words of Robin Day: ‘metal for strength and lightness … wood for touch and appearance.’

The Robin Day 675 Armchair is comfortable for long periods of use thanks to the large seat pad. It is equally at home in your office and dining space.


Robin Day 675 Armchair Pricing


List Price From $856.00 (The upholstered seat pad only offered in black leather)


For inquiries on the Robin Day 675 Armchair contact :

Harry J. Psilopoulos (847)-217-5457 /