March 4th 2015

Not how you typically think of Manufacturer Representatives. But who says we’re typical? Ours is an all-around approach. We are problem solvers. A-to-Z project managers. Experienced technology consultants who happen to be “aficionados of the aesthetic,” if you will. We don’t merely want to sell you. We want to send you. Make you so happy with the results of our team efforts that work actually becomes – dare we say? a pleasure.

Let us take you through the timeline of what you can expect:

THE CALL: That’s when you contact us and let us know you need us. Badly.

THE VISIT: We meet on your premises, wearing all of our hats – the technology expert, the design enthusiast, the spatial analyst. Maybe even the psychoanalyst. We listen to your needs. Watch how you work. And then we go away to do our work.

NEXT: We whip up drawings, calculate a quote, then consult with one of our prized dealers to review what would be the optimum solutions for your unique situation.

BACK TO YOU: With drawings in hand and ideas in head, we present you our conclusions, demo the products, answer your every question and concern. Once all is agreed upon, the real fun ensues.

THE INSTALLATION: While the dealer will be responsible for the installation, RFT will be engaged in every aspect, starting with a timely delivery, working with the trades (electricians, general contractors), ensuring a smooth process throughout. No surprises.

THE DRY RUN: Here is where we go through our checklist, tweaking, making sure all is in ship shape, down to brushing off the last speck of dust on your shiny new desk.

THE FINALE: Smiles all around. 360º.